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About this Game

Have you been a fan of Super Mario as a kid? Well, with Key and Shield 2, you get more than what Super Mario offers! This game takes Super Mario into a whole new level! This time with Key and Shield 2, you are tasked to unlock your friends that are trapped inside the box. The only way you can do this is by getting past the red ball and the blazing fireballs. You can either jump or use your shield to keep yourself from getting killed and for you to unlock your trapped friends with your keys. Along the way, you can collect coins, strategize, and make way to survive the game! What are you waiting for? Come and play the game now!


Key & Shield 2


Key and Shield 2 Online Game Features:

Simple Mechanics

When you enter the home screen of the game, the first thing you will see is the big instruction illustrated at the top-most part of the screen. An instruction for two kinds of gamers in two different platforms will be provided: one in mobile and one on PC. For the mobile ones, you only need two fingers – your left and right thumb. Your left thumb is in charge of the forward and backward motion of the character, signified by the left and right arrow. Meanwhile, the right thumb is used for jumping and shielding yourself. On the other hand, for PC gamers, you will be needing more than two thumbs to control the character in the game. For your left hand, you can press Z and X for jumping and shielding, respectively. For the right hand, the left and right arrows in the keypad will bring your character forward or backward.


Key & Shield 2


Cool Graphics

As you enter the game, you are greeted with seemingly cool hand-drawn graphics of island coconut trees, sea, and nipa huts. As you click the big red X mark, you will be led inside the Gorlik island and into the world of Bogger the yellow ball, which is the main character in the game. It is the home screen of the game where everything first started. Help him in his missions per level. Soon enough, the more you play the game, the more you will be able to explore the vast corners of the island!


Jump in the Turtles

Just like in Super Mario, turtles are part of this game but this time, you don’t eliminate them. These turtles are a big help to Bogger the yellow ball, as he tries to reach for the tall platforms.


Jumping on the turtles will serve as a trampoline for you to reach for coins suspended higher than usual. With the turtles, you can collect them easily and earn them all! No need for you to feel unsafe with them because they will literally save your lives.


Key & Shield 2


Avoid the Red Balls

Of course, this game cannot just leave Bogger the yellow ball without any fight. Here comes Red ball, his first opponent and will always be his recurring opponent in different levels of the game! These balls are deadly! The moment you come near them and touch them, you will surely repeat the level—no more buts! These balls are not just staying in one place. They mobilize themselves, hoping you would come near them. So, be careful and avoid them by jumping across them. This way, you can cross to the other side of the game board.


Jump in the Red Ball

Aside from avoiding the Red ball, did you know that you can actually eliminate them from the level completely? You can jump at them and they will automatically be dead and removed in the level. So, you are free to roam around the set-up without the hassle! In Super Mario World, the Red Ball exactly represents the turtle that Mario needs to jump on to eliminate. Good thing, you can also eliminate them, or else it would be a chaotic game with a lot of re-do levels.


Reflect Fireballs With Your Shield

As mentioned above, the only time you will be needing the shield is when you are attacked by the blazing fires. You can jump to avoid them or you can simply press X to activate the shield.

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