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About this Game

Do you love cooking games? Are you a child who really likes to cook and eat? Then Kids Kitchen is just the right game for you! You only have to pick 2 stages: one is all about cooking and eating while the other one is about cleaning a very messy kitchen! Would you look at that: 2 types of modes in one game – that’s awesome especially for a cooking game for kids.

If you’re scared that you might fail in this game, don’t worry – you won’t! The game will hold your hand and make sure that you go through each cooking or cleaning procedure without having to make a mistake! If you do make a mistake, they’ll just cancel your action. Easy! It’s now available to play for free online!


Kids Kitchen Game Features:

For players that enjoy a light and casual game, Kids Kitchen is the one for you. Focusing on its two game modes, you can either choose to clean or cook inside the kitchen. Aside from that, the game will also help you build your taste buds as you can choose what flavors to use on your food. Interested to know more? Check more features about the game below:


Choose One of Two Game Modes!

From the start of the game, once you begin, you’re given two game modes: cooking or cleaning. Either way, it’s fun!

If you pick the first mode, it’s just like what you have seen in cooking games for kids: easy and delicious recipes that kids will love to learn and cook! Each recipe has its own unique procedure from having to add peanut butter for the milkshake or filling up a burrito with bell peppers and meat.

The cooking section is never difficult at all since the game will guide you through; from the narration of the kid to the silhouettes that show up whenever you are attempting to make food.


Kids Kitchen

If only cooking was this easy in real life too. Once you’re done cooking, you should be able to feed them to the two kids who have worked hard on the dish. Don’t worry about the taste – no matter what you make, they’ll love it!

Another game mode includes having to clean the kitchen; from getting rid of rotten ingredients inside the fridge to scrubbing the kitchen stove from spills.


Choose Your Own Flavors

Would you like your spring roll to have something spicy? Maybe a cheeseburger without the cheese?


Kids Kitchen


Whatever you pick, it’s all up to you and the game will never penalize you for your unique taste! They’re not going to stop you if you want peanut butter in your milkshake with some fresh strawberries and top it all off with a couple of small cupcakes.


Cleaning Has Never Been This Fun

Don’t you just hate chores? You know, like cleaning your room or having to wash the dishes? Well, this game has those but it’s a much more fun experience that the ones in real life! Sweeping the floors, fixing the faucet, washing the dishes, sorting out the rotten food in the fridge, and shooing off mice has never been as fun as what you can do in Kids Kitchen!


Kids Kitchen


What’s more, is that there are over 8 missions to do in cleaning mode where you must absolutely make the kitchen as spotless as possible.

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