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About this Game

Can’t find a wholesome game that your kids can play when you want them to be busy without using your phone? Keep them preoccupied with great cooking games here at!

The Best Pizza game online is brought to you by Funny House Games where you get to star as a pizza maker. Being new to making pizza, you will learn how to make pizza from scratch by hand. From making the pizza dough to slicing everything that you need to make the pizza, you have all that you need to create the best pizza in the world!

Join our star master pizza chef online and let her teach you the art of making pizzas. With this game, your kids will learn how to decorate a pizza the way they want and even have an idea on how to cook one. We have other games that your kids may also enjoy. Just visit us in our Mini-Games section or check our unblocked games that you can download on your PC for your kids to enjoy.


The Best Pizza


The Best Pizza Online Cooking Game Features:


Enjoyable Gameplay

There is no way you’re not going to love this pizza making game! This game is really fun to do since you are joined by your mentor, cheering you on in every step while you make your pizza. Don’t be too worried about making a mistake because she is there to assist and guide as you create the best pizza on the planet!


The Best Pizza


Learning How to Make Pizza by Hand

There are three steps in The Best Pizza game online. The first step teaches you how to make the pizza dough. From the ingredients to making and turning it into a ball of dough, you are now ready to knead.

In The Best Pizza on PC, you will also learn how to pat it flat and knead the dough until you create the shape that you need! It’s also interesting that it’s very detailed since it shows you and your child that you only need a small portion of the dough you created to make an awesome pizza.

You also have to do the chopping on your own! From peeling, slicing, and mincing, you get to learn it all. And finally, we leave the decorating to you. Let your kids have fun decorating their very own pizza today!


The Best Pizza


Cool Pizza Menu

The game definitely has a large selection of pizzas to make. But in the beginning, you would need to complete the different pizza challenges first like finishing up a pizza recipe so you can add it to your list of completed recipes. You can just go back again and make your favorite pizza again and again.


The Best Pizza


Simple Graphics and Easy Controls

The game has beautiful yet simple and practical graphics. The adorable graphics are perfectly fit for kids too, making it one of the most joyous cooking games that you can find online. With easy graphics come easy controls. The game is very simple to play. Your child won’t need much making this a great game even for younger kids. The only thing required here is the mouse to mix the ingredients and create the best pizza. Start baking and play this game on PC now!


The Best Pizza

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