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About this Game

Take on the top-ranked world cup contenders in Brazil Cup 2014; a quick and easy game that you simply click and play! No need to download or install anything! This World Cup flash game is absolutely yours for free. Play as one of the major world contenders like Brazil, Argentina, France, and Italy.

Brazil Cup 2014 may not be a complex football simulator of any sort, but the adrenaline rush of action-packed sports is still very much pumping in this game by CenouraGames! Get competitive and aim for the Finals as you make your way to the top of the world, beginning in the qualifiers.

Fast-paced arcade-style gameplay and nail-biting moments will keep you on the edge of your seat as you defeat all contenders and become crowned as World Cup Champions.


Brazil Cup 2014 Game Features:


Contend in the Worlds Greatest Arena

Experience the heart-pounding action of the most beloved sport in the world as you take on the role of a World Cup contender. Pick from among the worlds greatest football clubs such as Brazil, Argentina, France, and Italy among others.

Listen to the deafening cheers of thousands of fans as you compete in the world stage, relish in the wild applause when you make a goal, and use their boos when you are scored on as motivation to keep pushing harder.


Brazil Cup 2014


Arcade Gameplay Multiplied by Ten

Brazil Cup 2014 is, by no means, a sports simulation game but rather a quick pick-up-and-go click and play game that you can jump right into at any time. The game plays like the classic air hockey found in retro arcade games.

But the football nature of the game takes the beloved classic and multiplies the excitement with game-changing features. You control the goalie in a team of four footballers against another team of four. The addition of moving obstacles gets further complicated when multiple footballs are released as time dwindles lower and lower.

Getting higher rankings mean fast wits and even faster reflexes. Especially when there are multiple footballs on the field, it becomes a battle of attrition.


Brazil Cup 2014


Journey Through the World Cup

Compete in each stage of the World Cup as you inch your way to the finals stage. Beginning from the qualifiers, go up against each contender until only one remain.

Choose the country you want to represent! Achieve the ultimate goal of becoming the World Cup Champion against opponents with ever-increasing difficulty. It will not be a cake-walk due to the complexity of moving obstacles and multiple footballs.


Brazil Cup 2014


Take the Challenge

There is no ‘I’ in “TEAM” but sometimes, it feels as if you are playing alone against everyone else. The random movement of your teammates is not always helpful since friendly goals are a common occurrence in Brazil Cup 2014. It’s either due to some AI bug or the game was meant to play that way.

They end up as simple obstacles you need to get through. But regardless, the hours of fun, the adrenaline pumped crowd, and the exhilaration of winning all make this game action-packed for a quick pick-me-up.


Brazil Cup 2014

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