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No matter how you see it, you just cannot help but play cards. Everyone has played a card game at least, maybe, ten times in one’s lifetime. Whether it is just playing on your own or placing bets on online casino games, cards are great things to have and use to kill the time.

Freecell solitaire is a different type of game compared to the other solitaire card games that you have played. If you are not familiar with how solitaire is played, you may have to continue reading to get a hang of the rules; in case it got you confused as to how you are supposed to play this awesome lonesome Freecell Solitaire card game.


Freecell Solitaire


Freecell Solitaire Game Features:


How to Play Freecell Solitaire Online Card Game

The game is pretty simple to learn and master. Much like any other solitaire card games, you need to stack up the cards. You need to reveal every turned card and pile them up in proper order. But here is how Freecell Solitaire game is unique. You only play one complete deck of cards.

In the deck of cards that you play, you need to line up alternating red-and-black cards. You are also given four extra slots to temporarily take out a card. If all slots are empty, you can move a line of as many cards as you have. But once you fill out a slot, you can only move a limited number of slots at a time. Since the number of cards you can move depend on the number of slots you have available, you need to think carefully whether or not you are going to temporarily put a card in any of the four slots.

If you fill out one of four slots, you can only move up to three cards in line. If you fill out three slots, you can only move up to two cards at a time and so on.


Freecell Solitaire


Simple Game and an Awesome Gaming Experience

The game is very nice, and it is a great pastime activity too. You will become very observant and also very cunning when it comes to finding out ways to finish the game. Winning is the only option you have, and when you do, the next best thing you can do is to beat your highest score. The scoring of the game depends on the number of moves that you make.


Freecell Solitaire


Cool Effects and Great Graphics

The game’s visuals feature high-quality 2D animation. Given that the game is pretty simple, the graphics are also straightforward but still superb in quality. The game is quite unique as well because, unlike other solitaire games, you play with one complete deck of cards.

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