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About this Game

Make use of your strategy skills and quick hands with distance game inspired by the classic Flappy Bird game, Mr. Flap! If you remember how Flappy Bird worked, then you definitely know how frustrating it could be to make the bird fly while avoiding obstacles. In this Flappy Bird-inspired game, you need to fly the bird around the circle without hitting the walls. Can you do this?

Mr. Flap

We challenge you to play this game and create a high score! We’re sure you won’t back down in this addicting game that’s now playable on your PC. Click and play Mr. Flap PC and avoid hitting those walls.


Mr. Flap Online Features:

Reminiscent of Flappy Bird, Mr. Flap brings in the almost the same gameplay that players loved about the worldwide hit tap game. But more than that, Mr. Flap tweaked a couple of things here and there to make itself stand out and be loved by its fans. Read on to find these features that we’re talking about:


Super Challenging and Exciting Gameplay

Once you start, you can’t stop! That’s what the fans of this game have experienced. If you want a game that gives you thrill and challenge, then Mr. Flap is the perfect one for you. Aim for a point and try your best to achieve it. You may have to play a hundred times to get the hang of it and how to effectively win and get a high score, but it would be worth it.


Mr. Flap


Practice Your Brain

Mr. Flap game is a good practice for your brain and your eye-hand coordination skills. The pillars would appear unexpectedly, so you need to be clever when it comes to anticipating them, or else your bird will hit them and its game over for you. When you are already on a lap where there are more pillars, practice your brain to look for more pillars ahead.


How to Not Die?

If you’re a beginner, looking for ways not to die during the challenge is very important. Remember this Mr. Flap free tip, you can touch the center of the circle while waiting for the next pillar, and you won’t die! Just remember to be there for a split second because the pillars appear really fast.


Mr. Flap


The Challenges Become More Difficult

Once you get a new high score, we know you’d be looking for more. Mr. Flap won’t disappoint because new challenges come as you move along the game. The pillars would start moving up and down, and you have to be quick to not hit them. In the hardcore level, Mr. Flap would go upside-down and sideways too! Crazy, right? These all add up to the challenge that would make your hands itch.

Mr. Flap doesn’t need a download – play it straight on your PC! If you like this game, then we have more in store for you here at!

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