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About this Game

There is always something about piloting aircraft. There is the adrenaline rush that the sky offers, let alone the intensity of it. This is exactly what Happylander’s Pilot Heroes offer. And mind you, it is unlike any of its contemporaries. It takes the whole concept of the genre into a whole new level. Play the free online game Pilot Heroes and see for yourself the fun and excitement that this unblocked game provides.


Pilot Heroes is an addicting arcade game designed to let you experience the excitement of a multi-level flying title. It is where you can do lots of things. You can avoid obstacles like trees, extinguish fires, chase various planes, and a whole lot more. And boy, you will definitely be glad you played this Pilot Heroes online game for free! You are in for a treat!


Here are some of our favorite features:


Simplicity At Its Finest


Pilot Heroes


It holds true that Pilot Heroes game revolves around a simpler graphics and gameplay. After all, it is what it is. Interestingly, it puts the entire idea of simplicity to a different level. For starters, its mechanics are not as complicated or embedded as with its contemporaries. But, the combat system the developers made is satisfactory enough. Despite its efforts to make the graphics over the top, it does best by offering players an “eye candy” type of thing.


It’s Disney’s Brainchild


Pilot Heroes


Okay, let’s be clear. Happylander developed the free Pilot Heroes game. But keep in mind that the characters here are from Disney’s titular animated film called “Planes.” This is absolutely a walk down memory lane, especially to those who followed the motion picture. It gives you the opportunity to try out different characters (the planes) that are not only sentient but are also based on the said movie. It is a cult classic with the chance to experience its awesomeness. Keep in mind, however, that the developers made sure that the game goes at par with the quality of the movie. In other words, it is not just a title that was based on the movie – it is a game that could stand on its own thanks to the many promising features and gameplay.


Pilot Ranking And Log Back To Progress


Pilot Heroes


As mentioned, the online Pilot Heroes game has tons of different features. First off, the game has a feature that lets you collect gems, which you can use for a lot of purposes. But, if you think about the goal of the game, it is all about using it to increase your pilot ranking. Now, as your rank increases, the more the game becomes interesting. That is because the overall speed increases, which, in turn, will require you to double up your aviation reflexes and patience in order to hurdle around obstacles, extinguish fires, and complete other missions.


What is more is that the game has a log back to progress feature. So, let’s say that you had a good run and you rest to get some food. You can just save the progress you made and let it sit for a while. There is no need to worry about losing whatever progress you achieve, as the game has this covered. You can just go back to the way it was as soon as you are good.

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