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About this Game

Ninjas have always been the fascination of many. These assassins and warriors have caught the imagination of many people throughout the years. Real-life ninjas are different from the ninjas that popular media portray. But, it has been always been with great awe when people play ninja roles in games. If you are a fan of ninja games, we have a great treat for you in the form of the free Shinobi Slash mini-game for PC. Read on to find out how to play the game and learn basic walkthrough and guide for Shinobi Slash.


Shinobi Slash


Shinobi Slash is the ultimate game for ninja fans out there. In this mini-game, you get to control a newbie ninja as he undergoes rigorous training to improve his skills. Avoid the obstacles and improve your focus in a game that will put your focus and patience in the ultimate test. Click and play Shinobi Slash today!


Shinobi Slash is one of the most straightforward games that you can find in any platform ever. You will be surprised at how good the game is because, at one look, you might think that it is boring. However, we assure you that once you have played this game, there is no going back. Shinobi Slash will get you hooked with its simple gameplay and even simpler controls. With the number of challenges that you will encounter in the game, we guarantee that you will have a great time playing Shinobi Slash. Keep on reading to learn why we would recommend Shinobi Slash any time of the day.


Amazing Ninja Gameplay


Who would’ve thought that a simple game of avoiding projectiles can be quite addicting? We neither! Shinobi Slash provides the right amount of fun and excitement as you control your character and help it avoid shuriken and knives. However, you need to take note that one simple mistake can send your ninja flying down the woods. You need to take note of the direction of the projectiles. When they are facing you, you can deflect the knives and shuriken by jumping in their direction. But when you are facing against a projectile, this is when it can kill you. Avoid jumping on a projectile when it is not facing you to increase your chances of surviving in the game.


Shinobi Slash


Shinobi Slash can be played using your mouse. It is a simple game that does not need you to bind any keys when playing. You just need to remember that you only need the Left and Right click of your mouse to make your ninja jump as high as he can. With this simple control scheme in mind, you can now focus more on making your ninja avoid all the obstacles and score your highest points in the game.


Shinobi Slash


Shinobi Slash is a great game if you are killing time or just want to take a break from your tiring day. If you want to get a new gaming experience, be sure to try out Shinobi Slash mini-game for PC. Wondering how you can play the game? Do not worry because we’ve got it all for you. Play Shinobi Slash and start your journey to become the ultimate ninja warrior the world has ever known.

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