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Sweety Mahjong


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About this Game

Turn over mahjong tiles and make matches with Sweety Mahjong online game for PC! This free-to-play game is not your ordinary free mahjong games online. In this game, you will not only be a mahjong master, but you will also satisfy your sweet cravings. Featuring hundreds of mouth-watering candies painted in the back of mahjong tiles. Forget about the conventional boring way of playing your favorite tile game. Play Sweety Mahjong and fill your hungry eyes with colorful and tasty treats. This game is not only visually satisfying but very challenging as well to keep you awake on your free time. Play Sweety Mahjong for free, no download needed just click the link and play. Enjoy turning those colorful mahjong tiles. Have fun!


Sweety Mahjong


Sweety Mahjong Game Features:

Sugar and spice and everything nice! This is what Sweety Mahjong was going for when it came out. Highlighting a bevy of sweet treats that will make your eyes crave for real sweets, the game also has a hint button to help you along.  The best part, there’s no time pressure!  Read on to find out more about this game’s features:


Play in Several Layouts

Challenge yourself to match all the tiles with Sweety Mahjong online game. Choose from several layouts in different difficulty levels like medium, easy and hard. You can also choose from classic, monument, pyramids, arena, four and the wall layouts. There are plenty of ways to enjoy Sweety Mahjong on your PC. Therefore, have fun finishing all of them!


Sweety Mahjong


Make Use of the Hint Button

The numbers of mahjong tiles can sometimes be overwhelming to your eyes especially if all you see are colorful treats. If you cannot make any matches because your eyes are too busy looking at the vibrant colored candies, you can use the hint button.  As a result, it will automatically match the tiles for you. Matched tiles using the hint button will disappear from the layout once you put your cursor on it and you can go on and find another match.

Sweety Mahjong is an excellent mahjong for beginners that lets you figure out the whole rule of the game. It’s easy mahjong on a sweety mahjong!


Play Endlessly with No Time Limit

This amazing mahjong solitaire game Sweety Mahjong does not have a time limit.  You can take your sweet time finding the matching tiles. But once you click on a certain tile, there will be a bonus time running and if you find the tile that matches the one you click before the bonus time runs out, you will get extra points.


Sweety Mahjong


Shuffle Option Is Available

Tired of seeing the same set of mahjong tiles? You can reshuffle your tiles, so you can have a new look. It’s the same set of tiles that was mixed to give you a new look. Who knows, maybe if you reshuffle the tiles it might change your luck.   However, not all tiles can be matched.  Therefore, you need to know which ones can be matched by just moving your cursor over the tile.   If the tile is highlighted in yellow then you can match it.  Or better yet, check the available couples in the upper right corner. It will indicate there how many matches you can make in that certain tile arrangement.


Sweety Mahjong


Visually Appealing Graphics

The game features drawings of yummy treats like cakes, candies of all types and colors, chocolates, ice cream, donuts, and all the sweet treats you can imagine is here. If you have a sweet tooth then this game will keep you craving for treats while playing. Ain’t that sweet?!

Play Sweety Mahjong now and have fun!  If you liked this game, be sure to check out our other free mahjong games online at for PC and Mac now!

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