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Do you want to know what it feels like to work in a fast-food restaurant? Or do you want to be a race car driver where you get to battle against other race car drivers? If you want to know what it feels like to be someone or to control someone without facing actual consequences in real life, play free PC simulation games at!

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7 Best Life Simulation Games to Play on PC for Free

If you’re tired of playing complex game genres that focus on fighting, shooting, saving the world, and more, then you better take a break and play life simulation games. Take it as your form of alternative relaxation.

On this page, we’ve got a bunch of PC simulation games that you can take advantage of. Whether you want to live on a paradise island or become a surgeon, we got all kinds of simulation games that will pique your curiosity. The best part is, you get to download all these games for free. No in-game charges, and certainly no hidden fees!

Does it ever cross your mind that you want to be a renowned chef when you grow up, and serve all kinds of dishes around the globe? Try playing Cafeland – World Kitchen today! In this RPG cooking game, you are tasked to serve high-quality foods to hungry customers. And no, this isn’t like any other cooking game. Since you have to serve a lot of customers—even demanding ones—you need to cook and serve every dish like a culinary master!

Do you want to live a fabulous virtual life? Avakin Life – 3D virtual world is the game for you! In this simulation world, you can live your own life without restrictions. Go get an apartment, meet new friends, travel to many places, and work different types of jobs.

So if you want to take on fun different roles—a doctor, chef, or even a superstar—you can live out these dreams when you play life simulation games PC. Browse through our wide catalog of free simulation games unblocked, choose a title, and click on the “Play Now” button to download the game on your PC for free!

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