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Now you can spend your free time playing Mobile Legends or Honkai Impact 3!

Hey there. have you found yourself with some free time at school or at work and want to play casual games but you can’t? Is the hotspot restricting your access to play games? Say no more! We got unblocked games just for you! Because of the modifications, Unblocked games can bypass any restrictions, giving you the opportune time to play your favorite casual games!

Who says Unblocked Games are not cool? They are, most especially when you are trying to access and play them from a certain location. For instance, you can never go wrong with playing some free Unblocked Games at school or work. Sometimes, you just need the pleasure of playing quick casual game when the office or school time becomes a bit boring. But remember kids: do not play Unblocked Games for school. Only play the games when you have free time!

What Makes Different From Other Websites?

Simply put it, does not scam you with false games and false advertising. All the games you find here are genuine and true to the original sources, particularly from Google Play. What’s more, you can play all the google unblocked games without the need of a browser! Just go to, pick a game you like, press the download link, install the .exe file and play! It’s that simple. Above all, does not have any spam-inducing advertisements, annoying re-direct links and misleading game titles. What you see is what you get!

Best of all, the games are optimized for the PC!


No Need for Browsers and Emulators

If you’re familiar with Unblocked Games 66, 77, 76, 24, 24h or 333, you know that there are very misleading games shown in their library. Games like Grand Theft Auto V, Mario Kart, and Halo are in their collections but when you open up, it’s nothing but a blatant rip-off!

Rest assured, you will never experience the same thing here. Every game is extracted from Google Play and App Store and converted into a PC port where you can still connect your Google Play ID. Best of all, your progress is still saved when you switch between PC and other devices!


Why go to Unblocked Games 66 at school when you can just directly play it on your laptop during your free time?

Again, this game runs directly on your PC with no need for an emulator. That means you save memory and RAM while experiencing the games! Additionally, each game has a modified control scheme that makes playing handheld games on PC easier.

“But won’t the AI of the game be different too?”

Trust us: the only thing modified here are the ability to play these casual games on PC and a different control scheme. The unblocked games COM (or AI), graphics and overall gameplay remain the same!


Get the Best Unblocked Games for Free brings you a portal that gives you the ability to play a bunch of online Unblocked Games. There is no need to google for any other Unblocked Games sites. At, we bring you the titles that are worth downloading when wanting to relax and pass the time. Not convinced with this narrative? Well, why not check out some of the cool games that we offer here! And the best part? All unblocked games are free!

A Wide Range of Unblocked Games to Enjoy

We got all sorts of unblocked games for your pleasure! Adventure, shooter, platform, action, horror, puzzle, racing, simulation, you name it.

Looking for family-friendly board games? Try out Monopoly, Okey or Ludo King for starters. Need a mind-engaging game? Flow Free, Trivia Crack, and Guess the Logo: Ultimate Quiz are some great examples. How about more linear action-packed shooting games like Guns of Boom, or N.O.V.A Legacy? Finding for the number one mobile multiplayer games to play on the computer? Mobile Legends, AOV Arena of Valor, Clash Royale and Clash of Clans are available to download directly on your PC!

Whatever your preference is, these mobile best-sellers are now converted into unblocked games! Download them only here on

Pixel Gun 3D: Survival shooter & Battle Royale Best PC Games
Pixel Gun 3D: Survival shooter & Battle Royale

One of the most fun game genres that you can play right now is shooting games. This matter is primarily because of its multiplayer and competitive nature. You get to team-up or compete against other people from different parts of the world. And the games are usually a test of one’s skills and abilities, making […]

Identity V-1 vs 4 Asymmetrical Combats Best PC Games
Identity V-1 vs 4 Asymmetrical Combats

Are you a fan of the grotesque and spooky movies of Tim Burton? Do you want to travel into a bizarre dark world as a monster? Do you feel like going through a suspense-filled storyline where you are either the hunter or the hunted? If you are silently nodding your head right now, then you […]

June’s Journey – Hidden Objects Best PC Games
June’s Journey – Hidden Objects

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? From Sherlock Holmes’s masterpieces to Mystery Case Files, people are always captivated in solving crimes. Enter June’s Journey, a puzzle-solving game where you play the role of amateur detective June Parker. You are thrust into situations where June must solve a crime while having a little romance on the […]

Rating: 4.3
Words Story – Addictive Word Game Best PC Games
Words Story – Addictive Word Game
Wonder Park Magic Rides Best PC Games
Wonder Park Magic Rides
True Surf Best PC Games
True Surf


Zombies Or Cats? Take Your Pick!

For starters, Dead Zombies brings you to a zombie wasteland. This is considered one of the best unblocked games in the market. You are the last man on earth. In other words, you have to find ways to survive and kill a marching pack of undead entities. Or perhaps you are an animal person. If so, you are going to love Play With Cats. This game gives you a relaxing and fun atmosphere. Actually, the fact that it already involves cats somehow gives the hint away.

Dress Up Your Pet or Suit Up Your Soldier? You Decide!

Whatever your preference is, the library is full of unblocked games for all ages! Boys and girls are going to love what we have in store. First off, we have the likes of My Talking Angela and Talking Tom Cat if you’re into pet simulators. If that’s not your cup of tea, need some customization on action games? Crisis Action and Rampage Road are some great installments to download.


Basketball, Football, Sprinting or Racing? Your Sports, Your Rules!

We even got the best of basketball, football and racing games unblocked and ready to play! They range from authentic simulators to more arcadey off-the-hook type of sports games. But if you’re feeling like an Olympian, we have good athletic games too! Unblocked games such as the legendary Run 3 – unblocked games that include the best of the best in marathon runners.

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight Best PC Games
TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight
Tales of Wind Best PC Games
Tales of Wind
Super Stylist – Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru Best PC Games
Super Stylist – Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru Read More...
Scream Go Hero Best PC Games
Scream Go Hero
Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade Best PC Games
Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
Prop Hunt Multiplayer Free Best PC Games
Prop Hunt Multiplayer Free


Play Your Unblocked Games Anywhere at Anytime

As long as you have a laptop or hanging out at any net café,’s unblocked games are playable! Be it in school, in the office, in a coffee shop, in the library or at the park, play your favorites anytime. Just make sure you don’t do it during classes or within work hours.

Endless Fun and Entertainment!

In addition to general audience games, we also have some modern popular titles like Modern Strike Online and The Troopers Mercenaries. The former offers a competitive environment where your true action skills are going to be tested. As for the latter, it is all about blazing guns and a whole lot more of mercenaries. The point is, we have a number of fun online Unblocked Games in our library that are available 24h, all-day, every day! There is no need to download hacked unblocked games elsewhere, just click and try any one of these game titles below. Besides, they are all for free. It is not going to hurt! That’s what makes a cut above the rest.


Pokémon Quest Best PC Games
Pokémon Quest
Pokémon Duel Best PC Games
Pokémon Duel
OCO Best PC Games
OCO
Mini Block Craft Best PC Games
Mini Block Craft
Laplace M Best PC Games
Laplace M
King Crusher Best PC Games
King Crusher


8 Fun Unblocked Games We Recommend


Fastlane: Road to Revenge


Hey, are you looking for unblocked car games? Fastlane: Road to Revenge will give you hours of fun in this ultimate racing game! There are up to 20 unique cars for you to unlock and upgrade. With over 76 combinations, gear up and equip your own Fastlane car with some heavy-duty armor and various types of powerful weapon to conquer all the levels. Be prepared to hit highways like Route 66 in this action-packed game!

With an exciting backstory and campaign, Fastlane: Road to Revenge has over 11 levels of challenging boss levels for you to defeat! Complete daily and weekly quests for extra cash, gems and XP points, which will help you boost your wheels! Still not happy with your ride? Unlock more events along the way and challenge your friends in school or other online players to a good race. You will gain extra XP bonuses while showing off your polished driving skills. Besides all the racing, you get to create your own playlist and play your jam while immersing yourself in these intense racing battles!

Ready to be the best driver in town? Race with your happy wheels in this racing unblocked game today!


1010! Puzzle Game


[:en]1010! game featured banner[:]

Now, we have next on our list is 1010! Puzzle Game, which has taken the world over by storm. This game has been downloaded over 333 thousand times just within a few days of its global launch. It is said to be so addictive that you may play it for 24h straight! Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a little. But chances are, you can’t stop yourself from playing it. If the vibrant colors and sounds won’t stop you, the core gameplay will.

What’s so addictive about it you may ask? Its charm is in its simple gameplay and clean-cut colorful graphics. It is a continuous brainteaser that challenges you to combine puzzle blocks of different shapes in order to build colorful lines and destroy full lines both vertically and horizontally. With this game, you can kill your time effectively on your commute to work and even during breaks in school and work without feeling guilty. It’s a great mind workout.

So, what are you waiting for? Tease your brain up and play one of the best unblocked games of the puzzle category now! There are no multiple levels like 66, 76 and 77 to get through. You just need to hit your own personal high score. What’s more? Play with friends and see who can be the first to reach the high score of 5000 points!


8 Ball Pool


Making the Top 8 of Unblocked Games is the ever popular game from Miniclip – 8 Ball Pool! When you think of sports, the first online games that come to your mind might be Unblocked Football Games like Return Man 3 or Unblocked Basketball Games like Basketball Legends. But for the longest time, this amazing pool game has consistently topped the charts of online sports games.

8 Ball Pool is a 2 player unblocked game that offers you a platform to challenge other players all around the world. Best of all, a level 76 player can easily beat a level 101 player in this unblocked pool game because what matters here is skill and not level. Therefore, like any physical sport, hone your craft through regular 1-on-1 matches until you’re feeling confident and ready to take on expert players in tournaments! Each time you win a match or tournament, you will be rewarded with coins that you can use to buy and customize your cue stick. And of course, more expensive cues give you perks like better control and power when you make your shot.

If you have the patience and dedication, try out 8 Ball Pool now and see how high you can rank among the pros!


Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans by Supercell needs no introduction. In fact, all you need to know is that it’s part of our most-downloaded unblocked games list. So why do people love it? To start it all off, it’s the strategic gameplay. There may be other real-time strategy unblocked games but they’re nowhere near as close as Clash of Clans.

Supercell constantly updates the game with awesome new content that keep the game feeling fresh. New units, new weapons and new locales are always added to the game. Either rock out and raid enemies scattered across the world or target any other player. Join guilds and reap the benefits for your jolly cooperation with others. Participate in events that earn you exclusive units and double of everything from XP to double gem payouts.

But we warn you: this game is highly addictive. There’s a reason why people invested hours upon hours in the game. It’s one of the best unblocked games you should never miss!


Hungry Shark Evolution


When you think of epic hunting games where you play as the monster itself, you think of Hungry Shark Evolution. As one of the best unblocked games under the Hunting category, it’s a game worth eating your time as much as the shark you take control.

Start off as a measly shark feeding off on guppies and crabs and evolve into a bigger shark where you get to eat off larger fish and squids. Get bigger than that and you’re going to chew up unaware humans swimming by the shore and seagulls. Did you think it ends there? Nope! In fact you can go so big, you’ll wind up eating blue whales and battle giant octopus!

Choose from different sharks to your liking like the mako shark, hammerhead shark or the biggest predator of the sea: the great white shark.

Ubisoft is Hungry Shark Evolution’s publisher and developer, which means you know it’s a top-quality casual game. They’re also the same company that made successful AAA games like Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six: Siege, Splinter Cell, and Rayman.


Honkai Impact 3


There’s no other way to put it: Honkai Impact 3 is the best action RPG to date on the mobile platform. Now get your copy on PC for free! It’s one of’s best unblocked action games in the library for plenty of reasons. Stellar gameplay, tight controls, amazing graphics that you can tweak depending on your hardware, gripping storyline, fantastic locations, limitless content and waifus…lots and lots of waifus.

You take control of a group of girls called Valkyries: the world’s best femme fatales of the battleship Hyperion. Your job is no easy task and going in alone to fight these creatures is suicide.

Don’t underestimate Honkai Impact 3. The game is booming with so many things to do, it puts some console/PC games to shame. Game modes including Free Roam, Extra Challenges, Endless Abyss, and Boss Battle modes will keep you playing for hours. On a side note, it also has an energy consumption system like many F2P games but they don’t get used up a lot.

Does it have pay-to-win game-breaking moments? None at all! Does the game let you have the best weapons and items as well as pouring in hours of gameplay without spending even a dollar? Certainly!

This is one of those Unblocked Games you’ll never be uninstalling forever.




Finally, the alluring horror game makes its way to the PC through! Granny is considered one of the scariest mobile games ever made and now, get to experience it on PC for free! The best of all, the controls are mapped for the keyboard and mouse too!

Time to find out if you’ll get out of the house alive; you wake up in a musky room with no idea how you got there. The only thing to know is that there is Granny roaming around the house making sure you never leave forever. You only have one objective: escape. But to do so, you’ll have to solve puzzles and dismantle security locks in order to get out. However, doing so is never going to be easy. Granny has sharp ears like an attentive dog that can hear a dropped item from meters away. Her presence is everywhere and if you’re not attentive, there’s hell to pay.

In conclusion, the world of Granny may be tiny but there is no denying that every new game you start, the game is unpredictable: items shuffle every time, Granny can spawn in any room at any given time and there’s a chance you’ll encounter her “pet” in the basement.

If you want a horrifying scarefest, you came to the right place. Unblocked games are never as terrifying as Granny.


Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends Free PC Download

Moonton Games brings you Mobile Legends. You’ve seen it, you’ve heard it, you’ve most likely already played it on mobile but what if you wanted to do so on PC? With, that’s possible! Mobile Legends is one of our top picks of Unblocked Games to date and the best in the Unblocked Multiplayer Games library.

Yes, you can play Mobile Legends for free on PC and connect to millions of players around the world! Does this make’s version cross-play with mobile players? Yes, indeed!

However, if you never heard of it, Mobile Legends is a massively successful mobile game. Moreso, it takes from the same roots of Dota and League of Legends, Mobile Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that features a 5v5 online competition. You and your team must destroy the enemy nexus first to win the game. But, doing that is easier said than done. You’ll be facing equally powerful players who also have the same objective as yours. You will have to fight through them and their towers before you ultimately destroy their nexus and hear that sweet VICTORY!

With over more than 100 heroes to play as, thousands of potential playstyles that sync with other heroes, and over millions of players on a daily basis, Mobile Legends will not stand you leaving the game easily. In no better terms, it’s very addictive. Mostly, play as much as you want without paying a single dime for the game at all. This is free-to-play done right.

On top of it all, the very best of unblocked multiplayer games is here and nobody does the PC port better than



“What are Unblocked Games?”

Mostly, unblocked Games are always defined as games suitable for children. But, on terms, these are games that bypass the security protocol of internet servers in public places such as schools, libraries, offices, and coffee shops. All that you see in are unblocked games that are free to download and play anywhere as long as you have a PC, Mac or laptop.

“Which platform can I play the games on”

You can play all the games on PC And Mac. These are all mobile games, customized and ported to the PC and Mac platforms.

“Are all the games free to play?”

Yes, they are all free to download. In-app purchases will depend on the game you will play. We do not have any hacked or modified games with pre-bought microtransactions and save files. All provided unblocked games are in their original states, meaning they will sync with Google Play and all game updates.

“Will there be more unblocked games in the future?” is always updated with the best games in the mobile market. Everyday, the website constantly adds new games that you will enjoy. If you can’t find the game you’re looking for and want a PC port of it, consider emailing us.

“What are the system requirements to run unblocked games properly?”

Minimum system requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and above
  • Intel or AMD Computer Processor
  • At least 2GB of computer memory RAM
  • 4GB of free hard disk space available
  • GPU with OpenGL 2.0+ support (update graphic driver if possible)
  • You must be an Administrator of your PC in order to install.
  • The PC must have a broadband connection to access games, accounts and related content.

Recommended system requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10 and above
  • Intel Core i5 or higher processor with virtualization extensions enabled in the BIOS
  • 8GB of computer memory RAM or higher
  • 40 GB of free hard disk space available
  • Graphics: Intel HD 5200 (benchmark 750) or higher
  • You must be an Administrator of your PC in order to install.
  • The PC must have a broadband connection to access games, accounts and related content.

Prerequisites for Mac install

  • Mac OS Sierra or higher
  • At least 4GB of computer memory RAM
  • 4GB of free hard disk space available
  • Latest updates from App Store app on your Mac
  • Updated graphics drivers from the graphic manufacturer
  • You must be an Administrator of your Mac in order to install.
  • The PC must have a broadband connection to access games, accounts and related content.


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Idle Island – City Building Tycoon
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Gacha Club

  Do you love anime, or are you part of the large anime community across the globe? Do you want to create your anime avatar or character? If yes, then you are in for a treat as the highly acclaimed Gacha Club is now unblocked for the PC. Finally, you can join the millions of […]

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AI Dungeon

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SINoALICE is a super trippy visual treat as much as it is a gacha RPG game. It’s hard to put into words just how unique the fairytale-inspired storytelling is, but suffice to say that Yoko Taro—the famous Japanese director behind SINoALICE—brought something completely new to mobile gamers with this game. It’s almost a shame that […]

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Azur Lane

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