Arena of Valor vs Mobile Legends: A Comparison

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    Posted on November 13, 2020

    MOBA games like Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends are such a trend nowadays that almost everybody is hooked to it. These are the types of games that require time, patience, and some extra dough for the in-game purchases. Hardcore gamers love MOBA because it hones their gaming skills. Moreover, it sharpens their way of strategizing and throwing in different tactics to win the battle.

    Mobile Legends Gameplay

    Two very popular MOBA right now are Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends. Some are hooked with Mobile Legends while some have already ventured to the newer Arena of Valor. The one very common question is, which one is actually better or worth investing? Here are the similarities and differences of the two games as observed by most expert gamers.


    One of the things similar with Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor is the choice of different heroes. There is a growing list to choose from and new ones are added every time there is an update. Each hero has a particular skill and ability which is very useful in how you plan out your strategy.

    Another thing to note is the real time play of 5 players versus 5 players. Both MOBA have this feature and each round of battle lasts for 10 minutes. This is very exciting and what makes players hooked to both games every minute.

    For both games, the game controls are roughly the same as well. Players of both games do not have a hard time adjusting in case they want to venture. It is like playing the same game if you just base it on the controls.

    Another similarity is that stars are used for ranking in the battle. This is very much applicable to Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor. Your ranking will depend on the stars you won and earned through the battles. What’s very frustrating in this area is that no matter how good of a player you are, if you have a weak teammate, a star will be lost.

    Lastly, special power-ups, skills, and abilities for unlocking are present in both games. These special skills and power ups may be gained once you level up and win battles.


    One of the first things players notice between the two MOBA is the graphic display. Arena of Valor has sharper and better graphics while Mobile Legends has toned down graphics. Aside from the visuals, the maps for each game are entirely different. Arena of Valor has a small map, which makes it easy to go near face to face with enemies. On the other hand, Mobile Legends has a bigger and better map appearance.

    Another thing players observe is the difference in gameplay (which is actually the most important). Mobile Legends has a more challenging gameplay with an amazing storyline and gaming experience. Arena of Valor just couldn’t come close to this.

    Aside from that, in Arena of Valor, you can easily unlock heroes and skins after winning a game. Mobile Legends requires in-game purchases for these updates. This is mainly because skins have special powers and skills added to the stats.

    Minions and turrets are also different for both MOBA games. Minions are those characters that distract and kill the enemy. Turrets are at the bases which the opponent’s team must damage. Arena of Valor, as compared to Mobile Legends, has better and stronger minions and turrets.

    The Verdict: Arena of Valor vs Mobile Legends

    Mobile Legends remains the better MOBA for most gaming experts. Players usually refer to the gaming experience as a basis and Mobile Legends deliver that pretty well. Both games though have unique talents. However, what players love is a total package when it comes to investing in a game.

    Moreover, Arena of Valor may soon be abandoned by Tencent, since it will be replaced with League of Legends Mobile. Which is why it is really not practical to invest in the game. This game may be very successful in China, but not to other parts of the world.

    As for Mobile Legends, even if it was based in Shanghai, it is popular all over the world. So for longevity, the game is here to stay and remain on top. Mobile Legends is still thriving and there are no signs of it shutting down anytime soon.

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